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Wound-healing invention
helps prevent scars
& slow aging

Invention Patent Details

Tropolactive™ Scar Cream Results

Our Guarantee

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TropolActive™ is a natural, simple-to-use scar cream that eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience associated with harsher rejuvenation procedures.​

Used properly TropolActive™ will minimize scarring by replacing elastin and restoring skin flexibility. The result is softer skin and a timelessly beautiful appearance.​

TropolActive™ was applied three times daily to achieve these results.

✓ Tummy tuck scars
✓ Laser peel redness
✓ Surgery scars
✓ Breast surgery scars
✓ Plastic surgery scars
✓ Stretch mark scars
✓ Acne scars
✓ Cuts and scrapes
✓ Burn scars
✓ Atrophic Scars

✓ Hypertrophic scars
✓ Keloid scars
✓ C-section scars
✓ Mastectomy scars
✓ Mohs surgery scars
✓ Hysterectomy scars
✓ Contouring scars
✓ Body piercing scars
✓ Tattoo removal
✓ Cleft lip scars